Why Hawaii?

It all started with Hawaii.


Hawaii advantage: multicultural atmosphere, wide range of learning opportunities, health, safe and friendly environment, ranked program, concentration of international students in a small place (Oahu) and the need for hosting houses, once the biggest Private University (HPU) has only a few accommodations to their students.

In 2011, 4,768 international students contributed more than $115 million to the Hawaii economy — a figure that includes only college level students according to the Institute of International Education. (Short term training, specialized educational programs for limited periods, non-accredited classes, etc. are not included in this calculation, so the economic impact from international students studying in Hawaii is much greater that the $115 million calculated. However, this serves as a base to gauge the economic impact of international students.) In turn, the $115 million direct impact generated 2,185 jobs and $16.8 million in state government tax revenues according to DBEDT calculation.

The videos and marketing materials on this page features HPU, the largest private university in the Oahu Island of Hawaii.




  1. US PROJECTION – International Student – Up to 2024:
    FUTURE: Report Projects United States Will Lead in International Student Growth
    PAST: International Students: Enrollment Trends: from 1948 to 2013
  2. HAWAII potential:
    International students contributed $108.5 million to Hawaii economy
  3. Hawaii Student Diversity:
    Hawaii University tops lists of most diverse colleges
  4. Other Investors in the Island, news from 2006 (old demand)
    This investor owns the biggest student housing nowadays, with around 1000 students.

    “Savio plans to convert more Waikiki buildings into student housing, adding another 1,000 beds next year. Texas-based Century Campus Housing Management will manage the properties.
    “The university is one of the best buys in education in the country today,” Savio said. “The one weakness it has right now is they don’t have the dorms.”

  5. Universities buying more buildings with government help to receive students:
    - Two Waikiki hotels to become college dorms > Jul 2009 (147 units)
    “The 70-unit Hawaiiana Hotel and 77-unit Whitesands Hotel will be managed by Hawaiian Student Suites, a subsidiary of Hawaiian Island Homes.- HPU eyes downtown student housing> Aug 2012
    - Permit filed to turn Queen Emma Building into student dorms > July 2013
    - Hawaii Pacific University gets OK for Aloha Tower dorm plans > Jan 2013
    - The state’s largest private university said that all three locations have existing capital needs, and university leaders are interested in expanding student housing to increase the residential potential of its downtown and Hawaii Loa campuses.  > 2012
    - HPU moving ahead with $30M plan to add dorms at Aloha Tower Marketplace
  6. International Students Industry:
    International Student Direct Spending in Hawaii

    http://invest.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/A-Study-on-the-International-Student-Market.pdf http://invest.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/International-Study-Attraction-11Feb20141.pdf
    One International student spends $24,089 per year.
    Two International students create 1 local job.
    One International student generates $3,517 in State tax revenues per year.

The cultural diverse is so evident that the university highlights it in all of their promotional materials.


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